Slim Wallet Guide

How You Can Buy The Best Men's Wallets


It takes one a very long time before they can go out and get a wallet because it is not something that we need every day. When we buy a purse, we want one that portrays our personality as well as good quality.  So there are some factors that you have to consider so you can get that perfect wallet.


The first thing you decide on is the size of the wallet at that you want. Purses come in different sizes so you will have a variety to choose.  One of the dimensions is a small one which can be three to four inches long, or you could get a long one if you want everything to fit without being folded.  The long one can go up to seven to eight inches.  For most people, the reason they go for a long wallet is so their checkbook can fit in it.


All the size depends on what you prefer for example if you like folding your Walletisland wallet and putting it in your back pocket. If that is your preference, then you would want to go for trio fold type of purse.  If what you prefer is having your wallet in your pocket or coat pocket then you don't want it to bulge so you should go with a flat purse.


Wallets designs come in different ways that you can select. A money clip wallet will be the best option for someone who wants easy access to their money and credit cards. Just like its name the money clip wallet provides you with these two types, and you can get the most out of it. Other wallet designs are made using magnets or malleable metals and if you go for the magnet one make sure it is sturdy. 


If you are in the habit of losing your wallet then going for one that has a chain will work better for you.  The chain will help you attach the portfolio to your pants, coat or bag and it will be safe and secure. When you get this type of wallet, then you are sure that you won't lose your wallet anymore.  The other factor that you should consider is what made the portfolio. The best purses are from leather, and that is what you should buy.  We all know that anything that is of sturdy and durable leather material does not wear out quickly meaning you will have your wallet for a long time.  Be keen when you are buying to avoid falling for leather wallets that are not from real leather. For further details regarding wallets, visit